April 21, 2023

June 2021 Newsletter

ATEC New eCook Product Range 🤩 | New ATEC Global Website 🌏 | Will Electric Cooking Surpass LPG? 🤔

ATEC launches second paygo product range - eCook

Following 3 years of R&D and the successful launch of paygo biogas, ATEC is excited to launch its second patented paygo product range - eCook.  “When we launched paygo biogas 3 years back we saw the enormous potential of paygo to play a key role to bring the highest quality cooking solutions to BoP households at affordable pricing,” says ATEC CEO Ben Jeffreys, “therefore we mapped the entire clean cooking technology landscape to see which product has the highest scalability potential to solve clean cooking across Asia and Africa while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The result is ATEC’s paygo electromagnetic induction product range - eCook.”

Available in single and double stove solutions, you can download a product brochure on the eCook product range here. If you are interested in partnering with us on this exciting product range please contact us on info@atecglobal.io

Solving Clean Cooking: ATEC launches new global website

With expansion to Bangladesh and new paygo product ranges, ATEC is proud to announce the launch of our new website https://www.atecglobal.io/.  “Our new website aligns with ATEC’s goal of becoming a global leader in solving clean cooking by 2030 through disruptive technology,” says ATEC’s Head of Operations Bec Penglase, “we worked with our marketing partner Harvey to inspire people that clean cooking is a solvable problem with the right technology and scale.”

Check out our new website at https://www.atecglobal.io/

Electric cooking will surpass LPG globally by 2030 - Next Billion Article

ATEC’s Lead Engineer Lachlan Harris wrote a feature article for Next Billion on the massive shifts that will shape this decade to bring clean, modern cooking to 4.5 billion people globally.  “Our view on electric cooking surpassing LPG by 2030 is based on a range of technological, environmental and macro trends,“ says Lachlan, “for example grid connection in Cambodia and Bangladesh is at 70% and will reach close to 100% by 2030.  In countries where LPG has traditionally been poorly regulated, and thus generally viewed as unsafe, our analysis is that households will leapfrog to electric cooking as the highest quality, lowest cost solution on the market - much like BoP households leapfrogged landlines to mobile phones.”

Read the full article at https://nextbillion.net/paygo-electromagnetic-induction-stoves-clean-cooking-technology/

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