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Globally cooking with wood kills roughly three times as many people each year as traffic accidents – the majority of fatalities being women due to smoke inhalation.

The impact potential for clean cooking is 4 billion people, ATEC* will continue to trail-blaze to ensure emerging technology is an integral part of reaching that potential.

Currently there are two products in the ATEC* range: The ATEC* Biodigester and the ATEC* eCook stove.  

Electromagnetic Induction Stoves

Induction technology stoves that makes cooking cleaner, safer and more efficient for households.

Safest and easiest cooking solution.

Affordable to BoP households via PAYGO instalment options.

GSM connectivity allows live data such as payments, GPS, electricity consumption and unit health updates.

Most efficient cooking solution on the market.  Studies in Cambodia and Bangladesh have shown a 50% reduction in running costs compared to LPG.

3 year warranty.


Converting farm waste into safe and clean biogas for daily cooking needs.

Can be installed in areas with flooding or high-groundwater.

Converts livestock manure into 20 tons of free organic fertiliser.

Smart financing with our patented PAYGO monthly payment method.

Households can use the savings from using the biodigester to pay it off.

Each biodigester generates enough safe and clean biogas for all daily cooking needs.  No wood needed.

Join us in solving clean cooking