100% verifiable, 100% traceable GS-certified carbon credits.

Every credit you buy from ATEC can be verifiably tracked by real-time IoT data down to each household through our proprietary dMRV Data Platform - so you can invest in your net-zero strategy with confidence.

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How it Works

ATEC's patented eCook stove tracks usage data through our IoT-sim integration back to ATEC's proprietary digital monitoring, reporting & verification(dMRV) Data Platform.  The Platform is then API-integrated with verifiers such as Gold Standard to provide on-demand,  100% data-verified carbon credits.

ATEC dMRV Data Platform Preview

All credits tracked in real-time by buyers through ATEC’s dMRV Data Platform.  Contact us to discuss for your projects of interest.

Carbon Credit partners

Existing Project Portfolio

ATEC has a proven track record across the Global South in delivering high quality, verifiable carbon projects.

GSID11817 eCook Bangladesh

GSID11816 eCook Cambodia

GSID6746 ATEC Bio Cambodia

World Bank eCook Rwanda

100% data verification combined with the highest SDG impacts for 800 Million women in the Global South

delivering ecook in Rwanda in partnership with Solektra

100% Digitally Verified
Real-time issuance
100% traceability

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