February 5, 2024

ATEC's 100% dMRV projects endorsed by UC Berkeley on their guidance for carbon buyers

ATEC has been recognised as 1 of 5 University of California, Berkeley's recommended projects.

ATEC has been recognised as 1 of 5 University of California, Berkeley's recommended projects, distinguishing itself as the largest-scale digital Monitoring, Reporting & Verfication (dMRV) cookstove project endorsed globally. This follows the release of UC Berkeley’s peer-reviewed study on Nature last week that found an average of 9.2x over-crediting across the sector on non-dMRV projects.

Ben Jeffreys, CEO & Co-Founder of ATEC, was quoted in The Guardian this week on the release of the UC Berkeley report, stating,  “Ensuring ‘a ton of emission reductions is actually a ton’ is critical if we are to reach the full potential of the cookstove carbon-market sector.” Ben’s full quote for The Guardian report can be found on LinkedIn.

ATEC publicly shared its position on the pre-release of the Berkeley report in an article on Next Billion by CEO Ben Jeffreys in 2023, outlining steps to further improve market integrity. The article references both the UC Berkeley report and Guardian's previous work on nature-based projects.

ATEC carbon partner Alexis Manuel from ENGIE expressed support, stating, “We are supporting ATEC's ecookstoves and their digital monitoring solution, and we are proud that they appear in the list of quality projects issued by University of California, Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy in their Guidance for cookstove offset buyers.”

Since 2019, ATEC has been leading the integrity of the cookstove carbon market sector globally by being the first to develop 100% data-verified cookstove carbon credits under the GS Metered Methodology with ATEC's IoT electric stove product eCook - addressing over-crediting concerns highlighted by the UC Berkeley authors.  ATEC continues to lead the sector in utilising IoT & Data to create innovative approaches to maximising the integrity and value creation of emission reductions for the Global South.

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